About Us


Multiple surveys have revealed that one of the threats the Indian technology industry faces is the dearth of talent. While there are several million graduates coming out of universities annually, reports indicate that only about 26% of them are employable. A recruit starting off in an organization is considered industry ready only if he/she contributes more towards the company’s revenue than what the company spends on him/her. It is widely considered in industry circles that the first-day-first-hour ready recruit is a myth. If an aspiring professional can break this myth, he/she immediately stands apart from the crowd. That is what we help them to do- Break the myth!

Monday Consulting has its own Solution Realization vertical which focuses on launching new age products in the mobility and cloud computing space. As a commitment towards developing talent for the technology industry it selects 50% of its team to be aspiring professionals, thus allowing them to participate in product development with experienced Architects, Designers and Delivery Managers while continuously being mentored by our industry experts. This hybrid approach allows for the students to already have had real industry specific experience when they officially initiate their corporate careers.

This approach is an effort by our group of industry experts to give back to the community that they themselves were once part of and also to contribute towards addressing one of the major challenges that their industry is faced with.


Individuals, in their roles as students in various domains, are exposed to a lot of new information. When they develop the ability to automatically apply the correct information in the apt situation then only does it qualify as knowledge. Our endeavour is to ensure this knowledge creation by transforming the learning mode into a process of delivering enterprise standard solutions for real life requirements and needs.


While the learning mode in our Talent Transformation programme is in itself a unique concept, the following salient features stand out.

  • All the learning happens on the job, partially as part of product development involving latest technologies.
  • Participants get to work with and learn from experienced industry experts with several decades of combined experience.
  • Each participant gets an assigned mentor for guidance and assistance in meeting delivery expectations.
  • Participants get access to curated content for training themselves in technologies used in product development and beyond.
  • They get introduced to, and work with, latest development tools that are the current standard in enterprises.
  • The products they work on are potential revenue earners for Monday Consulting and hence are in a space which has the highest growth potential, as per our analysis.