Talent Transformation

”Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


Our flagship programmes in the skill development domain are listed below, giving an overview of their structure, content and duration:

  • Campus Readiness Programme

  • University curriculum prepares students with the knowledge-base needed in their respective professional domains. However, specific guidance and training is needed for students to build up the right personality and skill profiles that recruiters search for. It is also important to be able to portray them appropriately during the recruitment process. Our Campus Readiness Programme is a holistic approach towards adding the required industry specific skills and preparing the students for the expectations of typical recruitment mechanisms of organizations.

    Soft Skills

    Domain Skills

    Aptitude Assessment

    Interview Skills

    Placement Assistance

  • Industry Readiness Programme

  • Participating and contributing in industry standard real-life projects is the ultimate self evaluation that an aspiring professional can do of his software delivery skills. Our Industry Readiness Programme is an avenue for students to be able to do just that. As part of the programme they work in scrum teams working together with practising architects, designers and project managers from the industry. They get to contribute in software development following the Agile methodology. For universities which mandate industrial trainings, this provides a good opportunity for students to make use of the curriculum requirement to gain real project experience.

  • Personality Adaptability Analysis

  • The most important stakeholder in an educational process is the person who is receiving it. To make the process effective it should be designed to suit the individual rather than force the individual to adapt according to the process. Our team has designed the Personality Adaptability Analysis programme as a process combining globally standardized psychometric tests with a joint analysis by psychologists and domain experts aimed at judging the compatibility of the individual to processes, domains, trainings or job profiles, as specified.

    This is an effective tool to, among other things, match aspiring professionals to appropriate domains, match employees to compatible projects and tasks and evaluate applicability and efficacy of training and education methodologies to prospective participants. The personalized report we provide as a summary includes personal attributes, values and life skills in addition to a SWOT analysis of the participant.

  • Customized Learning Programme

  • Institutions and enterprises may have specific skill development needs. These may arise out of a need to develop resources to meet specific domain, role or project requirements. We partner such organizations to design Customized Learning Programmes, including content and delivery methods, to address specific needs.

    (Note: All durations are specified assuming a group of 50 participants)